The CooleyHigh Experience



What is the CooleyHigh Experience?

The CooleyHigh Experience is a first of its kind website & app where you can take music lessons from celebrities, live-stream monthly Q&A with the instructors, collaborate with other artists from around the world, promote your music, get discovered & win all-expense paid trips to Las Vegas to work with music industry experts, all from your cellphone, laptop, or tablet!

How do I get started?

From the home page, click on ‘Register’. Fill out the form with the pertinent and accurate information, and submit your request. You will receive a profile confirmation email shortly after. Login and engage with the CooleyHigh Experience community.

Can I create a free account?

Yes! Create your free profile by following the steps in ‘How do I get started’.


How to I access my account?

To access your profile, log in at the top of the page from anywhere on the website and select the user icon located at the top right corner.

How do I change my profile photo?

To change your profile photo:

  1. From the navigation bar located on the User profile page, select Profile Settings.
  2. Click on the camera icon, or select Profile Picture from the drop down menu.
  3. Upload, take a new photo, or drag and drop your image into the upload box.
How do I change my cover photo?

To upload a cover photo:

  1. From the navigation bar located on the User profile page, select Profile Settings.
  2. Select Profile Cover from the drop down menu.
  3. Upload, take a new photo, or drag and drop your image into the upload box.
How do I upload media to my wall?

First, you must be logged in to post media to your or another user’s wall. Insert post dialog into the ‘What’s New’ input field. In addition, you may elect to include media in your post by selecting a media icon (photo, audio, video) and uploading the desired file. Post update!

How do I upload media to my gallery?

From the Gallery page, select ‘Create A Gallery’ from the menu. Then select the type of gallery you would like to create (i.e. Photo, Audio, or Video). Once the gallery has been created, upload media using the uploader/drag and drop box.

Note: Only select file extensions are accepted.


What type of courses does the CooleyHigh Experience offer?

The CooleyHigh Experience will offer courses in various disciplines within the music industry.

How do I enroll in a course?

To enroll in a course:

  • Navigate to the Courses page. Select the desired course and click on ‘Take this course’ form the opening course description page.


  • Navigate to the Courses page. Select from our monthly or annual pricing tiers.

Complete checkout and you’re all set!

How do I talk to my Instructor?

Students can contact instructors via Profile or Course Group messaging. Also, there will be a live Q&A session each month in which student/instructor interactions are encouraged.

How do I complete a course?

To complete a course:

  1. Access the course page.
  2. Navigate to the Lessons.
  3. Watch each instructional video from start to finish before proceeding to the next lesson.

Upon completing the final Lesson, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each student who has successfully completed the course.


What are my payment options?

PayPal and Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover) transactions are all acceptable forms of payment.

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes. Students can enroll via monthly subscription or annual subscription.

How long is a subscription?

A subscription is comprised of a full calendar year (12 months).  Subscriptions are billed once a month for 12 months and automatically renew upon reaching the end of the subscription cycle.

In addition, you may choose to make one payment for a year’s access to a course, with the option to renew at the end of the term of one full year.

Can I cancel my subscription plan?

The CooleyHigh Experience has a 30-Day cancellation policy. This means that you will be billed for one month of membership after you request cancellation.


What are Groups?

A group is an exclusive community of members united by common interests. A member can create a group and thus becomes the group administrator. Every group includes a Status Update form for members and the latest group news which can be kept up to date by group admins.

Can I create a Group?

Yes. By creating a group, you become a Group administrator. Group administrators can also approve requests to join the private group, invite friends to congregate within a hidden group, establish communications among members, and extend privileges to other members.

How do I join a Course Group?

To join a Course Group, enroll in a particular Course. You will automatically become a member of the Courses Group. There, you will be able to post status updates, receive exclusive content, and communicate with other students enrolled in the Course.

Can I invite friends?

Yes! Each profile is equipped with a Send Invite menu item. Enter the email address of the individual you would like to invite. Personalize your invitation with a message via the Customize input field and send. You will be awarded <a href=””>Points</a>for every new member who joins.

How do ranks work?

Interact to earn points and obtain Ranks. Reach the highest Ranks for a chance to win exclusive experiences.
For more details, go to Ranks.

How do I become a featured artist?

To become a featured artist, submit your work for review to You many send files or URLs for review.